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Myth of Separation of Church and State
Resources Recommended by Friends of Help Save America

1. "Separation Between Church and State - THE TRUTH", 1996, an 8.5" x 14"
brochure with 25 quotes important to our American Founding, Order from
Grapevine Publications, P.O. Box 45057, Boise, ID 83711. Simple, clear, 8
1/2" x 14" folded into 1/4th brochure size, inexpensive:

2. The Ten Commandments in American Law & Government, a 16 page small
booklet with legal rulings critical to each of the Ten Commandments by Mathew D.
Staver, J.D., President, Liberty Counsel, an Ally of the Alliance Defense
Fund. Write to: 15333 N. Pima Rd., Suite 165, Scottsdale, AZ. 85260,
1-800-TELL-ADF,, or Liberty Cunsel, P.O. Box 540774,
Orlando, FL 32854,

3. "The Myth of Separation of Church and State" by Amy Bradley, 2002,
Norwalk, CA. Reprint of this outstanding 9 page senior high school
student's research paper for her Senior Project on this topic. Paper
received the grade of "Distinguished" and three medals. $7.00 donation per
copy will help her pay her tuition at Biola Univ., Torrey Honors Program this
year. Write to Help Save America, PO Box 59147, Norwalk, CA 90650.

4. Magnet of Ten Commandments (business card size). Free with long SASE (Self-
Addressed Stamped Envelope) as long as supplies last. Contributions for distribution & this ministry may be made to Help Save America, PO. Box 59147, Norwalk, CA 90650. Not tax deductible, no 501c3, no 501c4.

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1 Kings 2:34-36

34 So Benaiah the son of Jehoiada went up and struck and killed him; and he was buried in his own house in the wilderness.

35 The king put Benaiah the son of Jehoiada in his place over the army, and the king put Zadok the priest in the place of Abiathar.

36 Then the king sent and called for Shimei, and said to him, “Build yourself a house in Jerusalem and dwell there, and do not go out from there anywhere.


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