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Petition to impeach and remove Federal Judge Myron Thompson and to Re-Legalize our First Amendment

Dear Honorable Representatives,

We, loyal citizens of the USA, appeal to you to exercise your rights and
responsibility to impeach and remove from office Federal Judge Myron Thompson
because he mis-ruled against the foundation of the laws of our land, God's
Ten Commandments, when he ruled that the 5,280 pound monument with the Ten
Commandments and other historical quotations in the rotunda of the Alabama
Supreme Court must be removed.

Our current Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, William Rheinquist, said:
"Separation of church and state is a metaphor based upon bad history & worse
law. It has made chaos out of judgments and should be frankly and explicitly

We cannot win a war against terrorism and the forces of evil when we
officially dishonor God's moral laws as a nation and as a people. We cry out
to God for forgiveness and we ask you, our Congress, to rise up and
re-legalize our First Amendment. We ask you to do this in such a clear way to
officially honor God and the Ten Commandments so that no judge or court can
ever make a ruling like this again to tell us to take down the Ten
Commandments or prohibit it's display or reading in any form on any
government or public school property or assembly.

History recorded that our 3rd President Thomas Jefferson regularly attended
church in the offices of our House of Representatives. During Jefferson's
presidency (1801-1809) the church services in our House of Representatives
was the largest church in America. President Jefferson also had the Marine
Corps Band play for the church services each Sunday. Jefferson and our other
Congressmen did not consider this an establishment of a national denomination
and they believed that they could honor and worship God in our government
buildings. Our Supreme Court and our Treasury facilities were also used by
our early government leaders and townspeople for church services. Some
modern judges and the ACLU apparently do not know nor respect our history or
the original intent of our Founders.

We demand that you, our Congress, impeach and remove Judge Myron Thompson,
who ruled to take away our religious rights. Our religious liberties as given
to us in our First Amendment must be protected for our national survival and
for God's blessing on our nation.

We petition for our religious rights. The Big Lie is that there is some
so-called separation of church of state. This is not true. Our First
Amendment puts handcuffs only on CONGRESS, not on the states nor the people.
Recent judges have turned our laws upside down and twisted their meaning.
Our first Congress voted to pay chaplains for our military and our House and
Senate. Jefferson, our 3rd president, was also President of the DC School
Board and he demanded that two books must be taught to students: The Bible
and Isaac Watts Hymnal. Jefferson also signed a bill to pay the salary of
chaplains to the Indians and to build a church for the Indians. Our early
Congress voted to pay for Bibles to be printed and distributed so that our
people would know God's Word for the betterment of society.

The words nor the term "separation of church and state" are NOT in our
American Constitution nor our Bill of Rights. It's time that we stopped this
BIG LIE that there is some mythical law called the separation of church and
state in the US Constitution. These words were only in the fallen Russian
constitution. 70 years without God destroyed the USSR. We cannot let God be
taken out of our nation. We do not want nor will we tolerate the ACLU and
atheistic judges and courts destroying our beloved nation.

By signing my name to this petition I affirm that I appeal to you to impeach
and remove Federal Judge Myron Thompson and to pass a law to clearly restore
our First Amendment rights to post the Ten Commandments in and on government
buildings and schools. Our First Amendment restricted Congress from passing
a law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free
exercise thereof, not the states nor the people. Judges who rule against
states rights and the peoples rights to post the Ten Commandments are in
violation of our Bill of Rights.

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