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Petition to Request Impeachment Investigation to Remove
Federal Judges Alfred T. Goodwin and Stephen Reinhardt

Dear Congressman/Congresswoman:

I request that you begin an Impeachment Investigation to Remove Federal Judges Alfred T. Goodwin and Stephen Reinhardt for ABUSE of Our Laws and Our Society, Our Constitution, Our 1st Amendment granting Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech, our 10th Amendment granting States Rights, Our Rights of Intellectual Freedom to Recite our Pledge of Allegiance and for Overextending the Role of the Judiciary into the Role of our Legislature, for Judicial Usurpation of our Laws and the Censoring of Our History.

According to Article III of our Constitution judges may be impeached and removed for lack of good behavior. We, the undersigned, believe the ruling that "Under God" in our lawful Pledge of Allegiance to our beloved country is unconstitutional is unpatriotic, illegal, showing improper behavior and lack of knowledge or respect for our Constitution and our historical heritage.

Please carry this Inquiry from the House to the Senate to remove and Impeach Federal Judges Alfred T. Goodwin and Stephen Reinhardt because of their June 26, 2002 ruling that our Pledge of Allegiance and the phrase, Under God, is
illegal and unconstitutional.

For historical and legal reasons and for the preservation of our beloved United States and the favor of Almighty God whom we choose to honor by our allegiance and gratitude to Him for His favor upon our nation and our people we make this request and appeal to our Congress to remove these law-breaking federal judges.

We, the undersigned, believe that the Pledge of Allegiance and the phrase within it, "under God", is legal to be recited and published and our legal pledge and that Judges Alfred T. Goodwin and Stephen Reinhardt violated our Bill of Rights in ruling against our Pledge of Allegiance and that both should be impeached and removed from office.

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Alternatively, you may print this page and mail it to:
Friends of Help Save America, PO Box 59147, Norwalk, CA 90650

After signing please also phone your representative. (Phone # for US Capitol Switchboard at top left of our website.)

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